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A unique documentary style adventure film about the real truth about racing and putting everything on the line to make things happen. In search for the Ultimate Rally Adventure, a group of multi cultural minority racers decide to organize the first true international outlaw race in the Americas racing through the most treacherous tarmac and off road terrain where people die. They experience numerous epic adventures and a twist develops that makes them head back to Norway. Adapted from the real life adventures of Hotrod Ponce, the Minority Racer.
"If your a fan of Fast and the Furious and Miami Vice you'll notice a less than subtle nod to the dramatic scenes from these series, but in the Ultimate Rally it's all real.  A true international cross-country indie film written and directed by a self-taught underdog racer and first time filmmaker"  Mark from Gaz Shocks of UK

Selected for Best Indie Feature
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Hotrod Ponce wins Best First Time Director Award
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The Ultimate Rally from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

First Time Filmmaker Hotrod Ponce
wins the Best First Time Director award at the Global Film Festival in LA Feb 2018



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Click to see movie

The Ultimate Rally Movie now in production
Real Racing thru the most dangerous places in the world

The Jeep King Cherokee

The Ultimate Jeep King Cherokee alias the Mexi-Can

Click the image to see the Ultimate Rally vehicles
1965 Volvo Amazon P121, 1997 Limo & 2006 Jeep King Cherokee

The infamous Jeep King Cherokee featured in the Ultimate Rally movie



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Click here to see trailer

Unlike other Hollywood movies where the actors have to train to drive or use stunt doubles, and memorize their lines.  This film uses no actors or computer graphic imaging, instead you will see real multi cultural folks doing what they do best and expressing themselves from the heart to make things happen.  All the vehicles exist in real life including that 1965 Volvo Amazon that was smuggled from Norway into Mexico to finish the film.  Don't miss out to watch this special extended version filmed in Norway, Mexico and Belize on Vimeo on Demand before it hits other platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, Hulu, etc. 


"An educated international business man with many underground private elite contacts and an uncurable addiction to race world class televised motor sports, and then makes a movie by himself about his adventures in order to prove that using your brain is a better investment than using your wallet.  Now that is the real grace & love of racing, without all the theathrics!"   Bongo Media

Selected for Best First Time Director
Click to see more about Global Film Festival Awards in LA, California USA

First Time Filmmaker Hotrod Ponce
wins Best First Time Director Award in LA Feb 2018



The Ultimate Rally Movie starring La Artista Brigita & Hotrod Ponce

PURA, an private elite anonymous organizer of the world's first ultimate secret race in the usa and mexico.

The Ultimate Rally Movie