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The Ultimate Rally movie soundtrack

Manuel Ponce * Music for the Ultimate Rally Films
Manuel Ponce composes and scores the films

Click here to purchase the 80's retro hit and original La Chona by Manuel Ponce

Guitar Legend - Luis Alfredo Ponce
Musical prodigy who opened up for Quiet Riot & later won the Austin Guitar Wars two times

Ray Sanchez - Nights (Noches)
Produced by Ray Sanchez and Santiago "Chago" Guerrero Gaona

Cary Windham * Trouble
Click the image to hear more of Cary Windham

Click here to purchase Music of Country Music Legend Cary Windham

Click here to read Bio of Cary "Cseven" Windham

Trouble Song remastered Cary Windham & Smoken Embers Band * The Ultimate Rally soundtrack * Soul Country Music from MinorityRacer on Vimeo.

Lius Baruch and Chakkras * You Name It
Click here to hear more songs by Chakkras from Norway

Race of Love by American Rock Stars Frank Topper & Charles Brusman


Click here to listen to more songs from INTROBELLA

Click here to purchase music from INTROBELLA

Vorbeck Band

Click here to check out VORBECKS new releases and album on Bandcamp

Click here to listen to more musica by VORBECK on Soundcloud

Original racing and driving music


The Ultimate Rally Movie 2018 starring the real Fast and Furious crew

PURA, an private elite anonymous organizer of the world's first ultimate secret race in the usa and mexico.

The Ultimate Rally Movie filmed without any permissions in uncontrolled environments.

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